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Here are a few links to sample applications we’ve done using PIC 18F micro controllers.


Here is a link to the beta version of the PICmu PIC based RF enabled card. Introduction to: PICmu


Included here are two examples of using the 18F PIC as a I2C slave. As it turns out, coding ones own I2C slave presents some challenges. But we wanted to see how hard it was anyway. PIC application number one goes into GREAT detail about how this process works.

This link takes the design of this card from the concept level, to the UML software design stage, through the coding stage, and finally into the testing stage. Indeed, this project involved the entire life cycle of the project and/or device.

PIC Application Note One: I2C Slave

Despite being successful with PIC application number one, the best way to use a 18F micro controller for an I2C slave is to use the built in I2C unit. PIC application number two explains how to do this. In this approach we did not actually build a PCB card  (as with application number one) but only bread boarded it. In future I2C slave devices , we plan to use this approach over that used in application number one.

PIC Application Note Two: SSP_I2C

Finally, PIC application number three shows how one might go about using a PICmu as an engine computer. This link should provide enough information to allow someone to either use this design as is or adapt it to other processors in the PIC line.

PIC RTOS Application Note NovoRTOS

PIC application Note Three: MileageComputer

PIC Assembly Language Discussion. PIC_ASSEMBLY